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Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy’s beginner to advanced courses on Investment Banking/ Fundamental Analysis/Technical Analysis/Central Bank’s Monetary Policy/Forex Trading highlights-

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Take one of the beginner to advanced course to immediately begin trading technicals; understand complete Forex pricing of forwards, swaps, carry trades plus the complete foreign exchange transaction life cycle; money management best practices and much more…

Course 1 – Trading in an Investment Bank as a Market Maker

  1. FX transaction analysis and pricing forwards, swaps, carry trades in an investment bank
  2. The FX Landscape
  3. Technical Analysis Best Practices – trends, patterns, oscillators, moving averages, contrarian theory
  4. Trading Strategies on a Simulator – Play the forex or stock trading game on a simulator
  5. Money Management Best Practices

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Second course to start trading on Fundamentals. Mixing fundamentals and technicals to improve trading strategies.

Online Trading Academy - Forex Trade Course Fundamental Analysis

Forex Trading Course using Fundamental Analysis Same principles can be applied to any financial market


Course 2: Tradeonomics – Four Step System to Trading on Fundamentals

  1. Financial Instrument Price Determinants
  2. Understanding how growth and inflation are calculated
  3. Economic indicators – growth and inflation indicators
  4. Effect of economic indicators on stock, bond, forex markets
  5. Steps to implement fundamentals for trading any financial markets

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Demystifying Federal Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy

Course 3 – Demystifying the Federal Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy 

Online Trading Academy - Federal Reserve Bank Monetary Policy

Federal Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy


  1. Understand banking basics – warehouse, fractional reserve, bank profitability
  2. Asset-liability management
  3. Money Supply and Monetary aggregates,
  4. Open Market Operations
  5. Fed Funds Markets
  6. Discount window
  7. Much more…

Check out the full outline plus FREE preview videos

Do you truly understand how a central bank’s monetary policy functions?

Understanding the country’s Central Bank’s Monetary Policy is crucial in trading financial markets. Financial and economic analysts are constantly trying to predict the Federal Reserve Bank‘s next move. In order to understand the Federal Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy we need to build on multiple relationships, between - banking assets, liabilities; money measures and multipliers; Federal Reserve Bank’s objectives and tools; financial markets and more. Understanding how the Fed determines and implements its monetary policy is not a simple task since it requires an understanding of multiple aspects of the financial and monetary system. In this course, we build these relationships right from the basics.


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The Foreign Exchange Landscape

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