Companies That Had Their IPO In 2016: Fortune Maker?

A computer screen displaying a line chart of the stock prices of several companies that had their initial public offering in 2016.

Which companies that had their IPO in 2016 were the best? First of all. A private company becomes public for the first time and starts offering shares when it launches an initial public offering (IPO). Hostess, Trivago, and Nutanix were some of the most remarkable IPOs of 2016. Well hello there and welcome to my … Read more

How to Build Wealth in Your 30s: A Comprehensive Guide

Dollar bills from your micro-lot. Want to know how to invest 30k? Check this out!

Are you trying to build wealth in your 30s? Growing wealth is a sure thing with the correct strategy. Create a budget, contribute to a retirement fund, increase income, and find a mentor. I know, I know. It is not that simple, is it? In this post, I will show you exactly what you need … Read more